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Show off their Creativity on the Blockchain using the Power of AI development tools.

Creative Director

AI Images

Create your creative images.

AI Chat

Chat with Artificial Intelligence in the area you want doctor, life coach, travel guide.

Speech to Text

Instantly translate your speech into text.

AI Codes

It's easy to be a software developer with Artificial Intelligence

Easy ways to use AI tools, and tools to build AI.

Display your creations with artificial intelligence on the blockchain.

AI store

AI Images

You can create the content you want with pictures, music, e-books, original content. You can sell these contents in the AI ​​store on the EVM supported blockchain network you want.

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Blockchain Network

Publish your content on the network of your choice.


Over 60 artificial intelligence tools are waiting for you.

AI Tools FAQs

First of all, go to the platform from the AI ​​tools tab and choose your package, then enjoy the artificial intelligence.
After creating content, you can sell your content in AI store?
Yes, AI store charges %2 commission. Of course, if you publish content in the ERC-721 standard. You can determine the royalties you want and earn income from subsequent sales.

Show your art with Artificial Intelligence. Then sell it on the Blockchain.

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